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Redefining the Rental Experience with Data-Driven Insights.

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Transforming Tenant Screening and Rental Applications

At Partnyr, we’re revolutionizing the way renters and property managers interact through our comprehensive tenant data platform. Our approach goes beyond traditional tenant screening by harnessing the power of data to streamline the rental application process. By integrating a Reusable Renter Application and innovative Renter Score™ system, we eliminate the redundancy and cost of multiple applications, making it easier and more efficient for renters to find their perfect home. Our platform is designed to save time, reduce costs, and improve the overall experience for both renters and property managers.

Our unique Tenant Data Company model sets us apart by focusing on data integrity and insightful analysis. We collect and analyze extensive data on credit history, criminal background, eviction history, income verification, and landlord reviews. This enables us to provide a comprehensive Renter Profile, including the Partnyr Renter Score™, which offers a nuanced view of an applicant’s reliability and compatibility. For property managers, this means access to a pool of vetted applicants and a simplified decision-making process. For renters, it means a smoother application process and better matches with potential homes, fostering a more transparent and equitable rental marketplace.

Empowering Connections in the Digital Rental Space

Where technology meets tenant harmony, revolutionizing the way we think about renting.

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Wilson O'Connell

Founder, CEO

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Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Finance Manager

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